Day: September 25, 2018

How to travel through Europe by train! Tips and tricks

Right now, European Union is a prosper and incredible political and economic union of several European countries, with one currency the Euro, after the Schengen agreement it was formed the Schengen Area, comprising 26 European states that have officially abolished passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders, this had ease work for people who live in one country and work in another, tourism, of course, have been benefited with this, now you can visit several European countries with no borders control.


Tips to travelling by train through Europe

Travelling through Europe in train is a romantic and lovely way to do tourism, maybe because all the literature and films showing us trains surrounded by an amazing atmosphere that attract us.


There are some tips you can use to make you train trip more comfortable, here a few ones:

1- First, you can use point-to-point tickets or a rail pass, both have advantages, tickets are for one trip only, and their prices vary depending of the distance among other considerations, if you have your trip carefully planned or if your trips are short distances, tickets are the best option since rail pass has an unique price and short distance trips are quite expensive, but in long distance trips prices with rail pass are cheaper, besides, the pass gives you a lot of freedom because you can board any train just showing it, be aware that even if you have a pass you will need to do reservation for high speed or night trains.


2- Night trains are the best option if you are going to sleep during your trip, trying to sleep in your seat is very uncomfortable and you will arrive tired, night trains have a higher cost, but they provide sleepers and couchettes which will give the comfort you need while you sleep, it really worths it.


3- Travel light, there may be some storage restriction and you surely will be happy with the low weight of your bag when you lift it, but don’t forget pack the supplies you need, tablet or a reader, there are some tunnels where you will need them, pack some snacks, prices inside the train may be high and if you want to save some money or you have some diet restriction, you should buy something in a local grocery store.


4- Plan your trip, so you can be on time in the stations and you will know which trains to use, there are plenty information available for you even websites and apps, and a tow truck near you, that will give you some extra time to relax and wander around.


5- The changes of pressure when the train goes through mountains can affect you, the use of earplugs for air travels may help you, you also should take in consideration the motion sickness, if you are prone to suffer that condition, be sure to pack motion sickness medication.



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