5 beautiful beaches to visit in Mexico

There is always an excuse to escape on a vacation trip, and what better option than to go to a paradisiacal beach in Mexico itself, with its incredible culture, spicy food and imposing ruins? We present here 5 beautiful beaches to visit in Mexico.


Tulum, Paradise Beach

Located in the south of Cancun, we find this beautiful white sand beach, right under an old building called “El Castillo”. You can enjoy this beach after having tons of fun in an archaeological expedition. Its crystalline waters, palm trees and numerous hotels in the area are a must to come to Mexico.


North Beach, Isla Mujeres

Known by the locals and tourists for its crystallines waters and white sand, North Beach on Isla Mujeres is the perfect destination for those looking to relax. Families with children who prefer calm waters that provide a great opportunity to dive.

Puerto Vallarta Beach

A quiet beach that offers great emotions, activities that go from fishing to diving in deep waters. A perfect climate to relax and enjoy a day at the beach. Near an incredible shopping area where you can find restaurants, bars and old shops. Sheltered by the Sierra Madre mountains and its spectacular views this complex has everything you need including the best beaches of Mexico, you won’t regret visiting them.


Love Beach

Easily accessible by water taxis or by climbing the rocks from Solmars Beach for the most intrepid. Known as “lovers beach” due to the mysticism and romance that its rocks give, known as the Land’s End formation.

The area can be very dangerous due to its potential of currents and waves, but you can enjoy it on the small beach of golden sands and adore the landscape surrounded by rocks. You can also do activities like snorkeling. The beach is well known among lovers and comes to enjoy its crystal clear waters and its wonderful scenery is an experience that is truly worthwhile.


Tecolote Beach

Excellent beach for swimming, very crowded by tourists and locals for its incredible view of the island of the Holy Spirit. The gastronomy of the place is presented through its sellers and its local products of the area. It also has a restaurant and bar where you can order all your fresh seafood delicacies from the menu. The beach has the most basic amenities for vacationers. Showers and bathrooms for which you do not need permits during your stay.