Rift State of Dimensions Report

Source: Faratha from Rift Team

Hello, fellow dimensioneers!

Here’s a heads-up on how we’re doing with dimensions. It doesn’t cover everything we have planned, but you should find some questions answered.

Dimension Item Limits vs. Physical Boundaries

We do not have immediate plans for increasing dimension item limits.

To share some “behind-the-scenes” info, there is no technical correlation between the size of a dimension boundary (the green cylinder) and the number of items you can place in a dimension. A dimension’s cost is based on how many items you can put in it. In other words, it’s less risky for us to make a dimension with generous square footage than it is for us to set up a dimension with high item limits.

Because of this, I chose to make most dimensions much larger than what you’d need for a cottage and a yard, even though the item limits have to stay roughly at the ‘cottage and a yard’ level. Unfortunately, this has become an issue; many players see the “extra” space as being “unfillable.” It has made our item limits look too small.

So, lesson learned. While we won’t be shrinking the boundaries of any existing dimensions, we won’t be making any new large dimensions with low item limits.

That said, there are a couple of dimensions that really are a little too small: Tuldio Sun Orb and Plaza Aurentine.

While we will not be increasing their item limits, we do plan to increase the size of their boundaries in the near future. This will give you more room to work, and let you do things like have a party on that cool little patio that’s just down the stairs from the Sun Orb. And in Plaza Aurentine, I want you to be able to stand on the walkway and look across the water without the green boundary in your face – and even go for a bit of a swim.

New Dimensions

As those of you on our test server have already discovered, we’re releasing two new dimensions with 2.2. These are smaller, affordable dimensions with unique styles.

Kestrel’s Cry Ravine is our first snow-filled dimension. The other, Auditorium Carnos Plaza, is set on a pale backdrop with an alien feel. For its size, it provides a great deal of flat surface area for you to build on.

Bind-on-Account Dimension Items

For 2.2, we’ve switched over many of the newer dimension items to Bind on Account (BoA).

All fished-up items are BoA.

Special items from Fae Yule are BoA. This includes –

  • Fae Yule Gift Pile
  • Fae Yule Candy Canes

Special items from Valentine’s Day are BoA. This includes –

  • Mariel-Taun’s Candle Pillar
  • Mariel-Taun’s Flower Stand

Items from the dimensions contest on Facebook are BoA. This includes –

  • Prize Blooming Faer Cage
  • Prize Budding Faer Cage
  • Prize Curved Bench
  • Prize Empyrean Static Generator
  • Prize Overgrown Scarwood Stump
  • Prize Red Ropy Brevane Tree
  • Prize Spiral Morel
  • Prize Terrace Pond
  • Prize Village Lamppost

New dimension items for this year’s Carnival of the Ascended are normal (fully tradeable and sellable).

To be clear, you cannot place Soulbound or Bind on Account items in guild dimensions. Likewise, you cannot place Guild Dimension items in personal dimensions.

Fished-up Dimension Items

Many of the dimension items you can fish up are pretty big, such as the River Barges, the Enormous Log Bridge and the Ember Isle Giant Palm. They should help fill up the space in your dimensions, and as we move forward, we intend to make more large items available (though not necessarily through fishing).

As of 2.2, you’ll be more likely to fish up the less-common items in the lower-level zones – like the Flowering Cherry Tree – and less likely to fish up the more-common items – like the Long Workbench. If you fish often, you should notice the changes right away.

Thanks for reading, and happy dimensioneering!

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