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Guild No Shame Gaming of Hailol

We came across this magnificent guild dimension while looking at a guild member’s. She informed us that she had also decorated her guild’s dimension and we knew we had to check it out. Seonie of Hailol, who created most of this outstanding dimension, said in an interview, “after we changed our name from The Grubs, I felt we needed a facelift in the dimension as well.” She sure did a wonderful job with this dimension that took about a week to overhaul. Alongside Seonie, Jucyb helped out with some of the object morphing, mainly on the PvP arena floating up in the sky. Seonie and all those who contributed did a superb job in creating such a unique hangout spot for guildies. This is defiantly a dimension you need to check out and make sure to give them a like! -Ryftdimension

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Guild Game Squad of Laethys

I stumbled upon this Guild Dimension when visiting a guild member's dimension. While taking screen shots, the guild leader found me wandering around because they were admiring the work of their fellow guild member. Bodyart of Laethys, the guild leader of Game Squad, was very happy to have come across me. Bodyart was immediately interested in having us take a look at their guild dimension. This is a very creative guild with a lot of stuff to look at. They made great use of the space provided within Stone Flask Tavern. With the help of Blackdynamyte, Aalaylia and other guild members, Bodyart was able to create an outstanding guild hangout. Be sure to take a look and give them your vote! -Ryftdimension

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Guild La Nostra Famiglia of Faeblight

We learned about this guild dimension through one of our Dimension Engineer award winners, Tamarie of Faeblight. Just like her dimension, it is very well created and has fine detail all throughout the dimension. In an interview with Tamarie she told us all about the guild dimension. Here is the information Tamarie of Faeblight provided us: "The Guild leader of La Nostra Famiglia is Kevti, my husband. He had a vision for how he wanted the guild [dimension] to be. To emanate strength and be fully functional [with] having all a group of people would need. Ideas from the guild as a whole were melded into his vision and the result is a unique guild home. The visitor is greeted in a waiting room which opens into a war room. From there the more private areas unfold; intimate meeting rooms, kitchens both indoor and out, an armory with a guard on duty day and night, as well as an arena to hone ones skills either on dummies or dueling. There are offices and barracks on the upper levels of the home and a recreational area out back. Kevti and I did most of the work on the house and gazebo/water garden. Kevti's use of banners as wall[s] for the war room was unique at the time. The barn and forge were a conglomerate of efforts by Reffin and her husband Bumbette, as well as Kevti and myself. But the unique vision for the main house and our buildings truly were Kevti's. He not only build most but inspired, guided and directed the other areas, giving the Guild a cohesive and glorious guild home which is used by all for anything from storytelling and RP, to practicing their skills or just relaxing. It took about 3-4 days of intense building but items have never stopped being added or tweaked, ideas sparking anew." She couldn't have explained it any better. Thank you for sharing your Guild Dimension with us! Be sure to check out this marvelous dimension because the pictures don't give it justice. Also be sure to give them a like for their outstanding work! -Ryftdimension

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Guild Aftershock at Brutwacht

This guild uses very elaborate morphing skills to create a marvelous dimension full of surprises. The most outstanding morph in this dimension is the chess board created out of floral pieces and orb stands. Along with this creation is a beautifully crafted bathroom, which consists of elaborate morphing skills. The use of ice cubes and orbs, which give the illusion of water, is down right spectacular. Also within this superb dimension, there are multiple bedrooms that are extremely cozy and perfect for multiple people to crash after a hard day of questing. There are also multiple areas to sit and enjoy a meal or a drink with guildies. One thing that really caught our eye is the stunning throne created for the guild leader. Make sure you visit this outstanding dimension and give them your vote to show appreciation for the thought and creativity that went into it.

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Guild The Grubs of Laethys

The Grubs realm is based on a theme that has been carried out beautifully throughout the dimension space. The Stone Flask Tavern dimension was a great choice for creating their magical wonderland. Seonie their main dimension engineer for the guild has over 70 plus hours in construction. Other members of the guild were the gathers of items to keep Seonie on task. I think Seonie pretty well sums it up with this. A magical forest flourishes within a protective barrier. Outside these walls evil waits patiently for a crack to form and poison our land. Well stated and very well done Seonie!

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Guild Soul Keepers at Icewatch

When you first appear in this dimension, a nicely laid out market surrounds a shrine. When you ascend up the stairs into the main courtyard, there are orbs that draw you in. Through the entrance there is a small room to sit back and relax. Up in the towers there are beautiful decorations and multiple sitting areas. Once through the corridor and to the left, there is a practice battle area where you can perfect your moves. There is also an epic battle arena with seating for guildies to enjoy a fight. When you wander around this outstanding dimension, you come across amazing floral arrangements and what appears to be a bone waterfall. In the first courtyard is an area to sit and grab a beer from the bar. There is also a path that goes up to a magnificent gazebo where you can look out over the courtyard. In the second courtyard there is a dining hall where guildies can enjoy a meal together. Around the outside of the courtyard are multiple bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living room, which have outstanding use of object morphing. This is a fabulous dimension and there is just so much to see, that it can’t all fit into words. Make sure to visit this guild dimension, take a look around and give them your vote!

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Guild Shadow Embassy at Deepwood

When you appear in this beautiful dimension, a very inviting house is right in front of your eyes. This house if full of everything a guild would need. There is a kitchen, many tables for dining and guild meetings, and multiple bedrooms that could sleep an army. Out back this wonderful house is a beautifully crafted dragon, which is made out of floral arrangements. Across the river is a practice area and another house, which has been turned into a hangout place with a pool table. Towards the back of the dimension is a long stairway that hugs the walls all the way up to the top. At the top of this stairway above the flowing waterfalls, is a mine with gorgeous crystals and a mining cart. By the mining cart is a hidden walkway that ventures up even further, where you will find a dining area with a great view, and a sleeping area that will comfortably sleep eight. This dimension is perfect for guild members to stay and enjoy time together. Make sure to visit this dimension and give them your vote.

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Guild Zero Tolerance at Icewatch

When you appear in this realm, the guild’s initials are proudly displayed in lights. As you look around the yard of this beautiful dimension, you come across an area with multiple stands full of all kinds of goodies. Along side this cute little market is a beautifully crafted dining area for gatherings. There is also a very creatively made barbeque for cooking up meals. Once everyone has enjoyed a nice meal, they can head into the battle arena for some fun; faction against faction. Make sure to choose your weapon wisely! After a fun time of battling, guildies can head up into the multiple towers and rest up in the multiple bedrooms. Make sure to give this unique dimension your vote for their outstanding work!

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Guild Ascended Phoenix at Shatterbone

Ascended Phoenix at Shatterbone guilds dimension. This dimension is exquisitely simple and the architecture features are beautifully crafted. The most outstanding element is the spiral staircase with a large globe type fixture in the center. This room gives off the feeling of a planetarium, which is absolutely wonderful. At the top of this magnificent spiral staircase there are multiple sleeping quarters and a lounge for guild members. At the top of this fine building is a deck with a beautiful view. This deck holds an eating area and a bar to enjoy time with guildies. Also there is a pleasant, quiet retreat to sit back and relax after a hard day of battling. Make sure you check out this skillfully crafted dimension and give them your vote!

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Guild Negative Ghostrider at Shatterbone

Negative Ghostrider at shatterbone. The entrance to this dimension has a uniquely crafted display that proudly shows the guilds name. This dimension has a dramatic aspect to it with the use of lighting. One of the walkways gives off a medieval feeling that makes you want to venture further into the castle. Everywhere you look, statues guard the outskirts of the building. Inside the ceilings stand tall and have creative decorations hanging from above. This room creates a very open feeling and there is a lot room to fit everything a guild could need. The kitchen is beautifully crafted with its large fireplace and bar. This dimension is a must see, so make sure to take a look and give them your vote for their dramatically crafted dimension.

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