California: Places to go in 2018

California is one of the most important tourist states in the USA, being the third largest state in the country, it offers countless activities to be done and an infinite number of sites to discover. We present the best places to go in California this 2018.


San Francisco


Without a doubt San Francisco is one of the most interesting cities to go on a trip, besides its climate is divine for all those who dare to travel to this city. San Francisco offers, among other things, stunning beaches that will dazzle you with their warm and beautiful sunsets, in addition to a heterogeneous culture product of the great variety of cultures that have influenced the formation of the city. The best thing for San Francisco is to get lost in its different urban areas and get to know first-hand the diversity of San Francisco.


Los √Āngeles


Downtown Los Angeles offers all those interested in architecture impressive and historic buildings such as the town hall, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Los Angeles, as well as the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Hollywood, the reason why Los Angeles is known, this city is the home of the most important film industry in the world, besides it is the city where is the famous “Walk of Fame” where are the names of all your favorite stars.



Yosemite, Death Valley and The Grand Canyon


National parks are a must for all those who love nature in its wildest state. You will find that California’s national parks are as different as they are fascinating, whenever you come you will feel trapped by the magic that these huge parks give off and you will always want to return to find your wild side.


The California Vineyards


The California Vineyards offer a spectacular view, along with the possibility of tasting the best wine in the United States. The best thing is to call or write in advance to the wineries that you want to visit, so they can give you all the information you need. See the wineries and taste a good wine is something that will give elegance to your trip so do not be an expert in the area.


Theme parks


If what you are looking for is something to enjoy with the family, California offers a great variety of theme parks with which the family will never be bored and where there is always an activity to do, no matter how many times you visit them you will always find something new and magical in them.


Water parks


The water parks of California are excellent thanks to its warm climate, which makes taking a dip in the pool perfect for cooling off. Almost all aquatic parks have a special area for the smallest of the house separated from the area for adults, to avoid accidents and for fun to be appropriate for all ages. If you plan to travel with children, the water parks are excellent for children, and if not, there are no problems as they have their own area within the park separate from the adults area.