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This fansite for Rift will be focusing on Rift Dimensions. Please be patient as this is a two person endeavor for the love of the game. We have 100s of images of player’s dimensions. There are many very talented players that have created their own very unique sanctuary to escape the grind. The creativity of some players is unbelievable.We here at Rift Dimension realize the many hours are involved in building a dimension and that players enjoy to show them off to the world. We hope you enjoy looking at the creations of other players.


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Guild Gone Fishin’ The Citadel of Tereine

Key Dimension Sharing

Key Dimension™ Sharing

Opening your dimension for the world to enjoy. Check out what others have done
Personal Dimensions

Dimension Items

Vendors for dimension items,Drops Fishing and Dungeons….

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Rift Recipes

Rift vendors for recipe, make your own dimension items.

Recipes Dimension

Rift Keys

Dimensions Keys, Hailol,Temple of the Abandoned.

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Dimension Object Morphing ™

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