How to travel through Europe by train! Tips and tricks

Right now, European Union is a prosper and incredible political and economic union of several European countries, with one currency the Euro, after the Schengen agreement it was formed the Schengen Area, comprising 26 European states that have officially abolished passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders, this had ease work for people who live in one country and work in another, tourism, of course, have been benefited with this, now you can visit several European countries with no borders control.


Tips to travelling by train through Europe

Travelling through Europe in train is a romantic and lovely way to do tourism, maybe because all the literature and films showing us trains surrounded by an amazing atmosphere that attract us.


There are some tips you can use to make you train trip more comfortable, here a few ones:

1- First, you can use point-to-point tickets or a rail pass, both have advantages, tickets are for one trip only, and their prices vary depending of the distance among other considerations, if you have your trip carefully planned or if your trips are short distances, tickets are the best option since rail pass has an unique price and short distance trips are quite expensive, but in long distance trips prices with rail pass are cheaper, besides, the pass gives you a lot of freedom because you can board any train just showing it, be aware that even if you have a pass you will need to do reservation for high speed or night trains.


2- Night trains are the best option if you are going to sleep during your trip, trying to sleep in your seat is very uncomfortable and you will arrive tired, night trains have a higher cost, but they provide sleepers and couchettes which will give the comfort you need while you sleep, it really worths it.


3- Travel light, there may be some storage restriction and you surely will be happy with the low weight of your bag when you lift it, but don’t forget pack the supplies you need, tablet or a reader, there are some tunnels where you will need them, pack some snacks, prices inside the train may be high and if you want to save some money or you have some diet restriction, you should buy something in a local grocery store.


4- Plan your trip, so you can be on time in the stations and you will know which trains to use, there are plenty information available for you even websites and apps, and a tow truck near you, that will give you some extra time to relax and wander around.


5- The changes of pressure when the train goes through mountains can affect you, the use of earplugs for air travels may help you, you also should take in consideration the motion sickness, if you are prone to suffer that condition, be sure to pack motion sickness medication.



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The best landscapes in the world

This world, our planet, is blessed with beauty and majesty, the mother nature and time have worked together to shape this planet, turning it into an artwork that mesmerize our senses, the landscapes are amazing wherever you go, regardless the country, the beauty doesn’t know about borders.


Humans, despite all the pollution and damage made to environment, have contributed with nature creating some beautiful and impressive landscapes too, there are stunning garden that will make you feel that you are in other world, full of magic beauty and peace.


You should visit one of that places at least once in your lifetime, so you can feel the impressive atmosphere, breathe the scent, the beauty and majesty that you find in those landscapes, you will fill yourself with peace, joy and will return home feeling renewed and free of stress, with new strength to face the world.


10 most beautiful landscapes of the world you must visit


Our planet has so many places worth to be visited due their stunning beauty and majesty that one list would be extremely long, but you can start with this 10 beautiful places made by either nature or men, this list includes natural landscapes, National Parks and Gardens:


  • Grand Canyon, USA
  • Peyto Lake, Canada
  • Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
  • Yellowstone National Park, USA
  • Jasper National Park, Canada
  • Mount Roraima, Venezuela
  • Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
  • Keukenhof, Netherlands
  • Kenrokuen, Japan


Encourage yourself to travel abroad and visit any of this amazing and magnificent landscapes, you will not regret it and you will enrich your life and soul.


Make a landscape of your own


You have seen how beautiful and magical this places can be, and you can get a piece of paradise for your home, nature can be assisted by men to produce such sceneries, and there are specialized companies that have as purpose to help you in that task, if you have some space you can transform it into a beautiful and relaxing landscape.


Make up your mind and start your project, have an idea of what you want, visit other gardens to inspire yourself and then get some specialized help, there are many companies that can be found in many ways, almost all of them render their services in a limited area, they help people in the city of Duluth in the State of Minnesota, fulfill their dreams and provide them with all they may need to create a little piece of heaven in their homes.


Find the space, get the proper and specialized help and invest in your peace and happiness.

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Where to go in France? Places you should visit

Maybe you’ve already visited France and you’re looking for something different from what everyone sees, or if you’re one of those tourists who like to get lost in the details of the great countries, those who like to venture into the unknown and marvel at the lesser-known wonders. Here we present a list of places to visit in France apart from Paris and its Eiffel Tower.


The Louvre Museum


This is undoubtedly the most important museum in the world, if you like art and science, this museum is for you. It has iconic paintings such as La Gioconda, by Leonardo da Vinci, and a lot of works that have nothing to envy to any other museum in the world. Its iconic pyramid shape is recognizable by all people who know about general culture.


The Castle of Chenonceau


One of the most beautiful castles that we will find on the Loire route, this castle located in the Loire Valley, although it is one of the many castles that are found here, is a castle that does not fail to go unnoticed by all its visitors.


Mont Saint-Michel


One of the most visited places in France, with 3.2 million visitors every year attracted by its prodigious architecture. The abbey consecrated to the cult of the archangel San Miguel gives its name to the island. The statue of San Miguel Arcángel stands 170 meters above the shore. If you run with the luck of being able to see the sunset in one of the enclaves, you will be able to enjoy a landscape that will leave you amazed the rest of your life.




Like Mont Saint-Michel, this medieval town located in Languedoc-Roussillon is a must-see destination for all those travelers who enjoy traveling, culture and history. Its stone streets and its sunset will make you believe that you are in a fairy tale.

Route Cátara


If you went to the city of Carcassonne you can do this route, where you can see, among others, the castle of Peyrepertuse, a castle located on a cliff that will let you see the whole landscape. But we recommend to travel this route outside the hot months, and when there are not so many tourists, as this can hinder the experience a bit, and the truth is that when we travel we want only the best.


Blue Coast


To finish the list, but no less important, we have the Costa Azul, also known as the French Riviera, one of the world’s centers of tourism, and the residence of many famous people. We can find such emblematic places as Monaco, Cannes or St. Tropez. It is also a site known for its film festival, for all those who love movies that have the opportunity to come and enjoy.

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California: Places to go in 2018

California is one of the most important tourist states in the USA, being the third largest state in the country, it offers countless activities to be done and an infinite number of sites to discover. We present the best places to go in California this 2018.


San Francisco


Without a doubt San Francisco is one of the most interesting cities to go on a trip, besides its climate is divine for all those who dare to travel to this city. San Francisco offers, among other things, stunning beaches that will dazzle you with their warm and beautiful sunsets, in addition to a heterogeneous culture product of the great variety of cultures that have influenced the formation of the city. The best thing for San Francisco is to get lost in its different urban areas and get to know first-hand the diversity of San Francisco.


Los Ángeles


Downtown Los Angeles offers all those interested in architecture impressive and historic buildings such as the town hall, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Los Angeles, as well as the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Hollywood, the reason why Los Angeles is known, this city is the home of the most important film industry in the world, besides it is the city where is the famous “Walk of Fame” where are the names of all your favorite stars.



Yosemite, Death Valley and The Grand Canyon


National parks are a must for all those who love nature in its wildest state. You will find that California’s national parks are as different as they are fascinating, whenever you come you will feel trapped by the magic that these huge parks give off and you will always want to return to find your wild side.


The California Vineyards


The California Vineyards offer a spectacular view, along with the possibility of tasting the best wine in the United States. The best thing is to call or write in advance to the wineries that you want to visit, so they can give you all the information you need. See the wineries and taste a good wine is something that will give elegance to your trip so do not be an expert in the area.


Theme parks


If what you are looking for is something to enjoy with the family, California offers a great variety of theme parks with which the family will never be bored and where there is always an activity to do, no matter how many times you visit them you will always find something new and magical in them.


Water parks


The water parks of California are excellent thanks to its warm climate, which makes taking a dip in the pool perfect for cooling off. Almost all aquatic parks have a special area for the smallest of the house separated from the area for adults, to avoid accidents and for fun to be appropriate for all ages. If you plan to travel with children, the water parks are excellent for children, and if not, there are no problems as they have their own area within the park separate from the adults area.


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5 beautiful beaches to visit in Mexico

There is always an excuse to escape on a vacation trip, and what better option than to go to a paradisiacal beach in Mexico itself, with its incredible culture, spicy food and imposing ruins? We present here 5 beautiful beaches to visit in Mexico.


Tulum, Paradise Beach

Located in the south of Cancun, we find this beautiful white sand beach, right under an old building called “El Castillo”. You can enjoy this beach after having tons of fun in an archaeological expedition. Its crystalline waters, palm trees and numerous hotels in the area are a must to come to Mexico.


North Beach, Isla Mujeres

Known by the locals and tourists for its crystallines waters and white sand, North Beach on Isla Mujeres is the perfect destination for those looking to relax. Families with children who prefer calm waters that provide a great opportunity to dive.

Puerto Vallarta Beach

A quiet beach that offers great emotions, activities that go from fishing to diving in deep waters. A perfect climate to relax and enjoy a day at the beach. Near an incredible shopping area where you can find restaurants, bars and old shops. Sheltered by the Sierra Madre mountains and its spectacular views this complex has everything you need including the best beaches of Mexico, you won’t regret visiting them.


Love Beach

Easily accessible by water taxis or by climbing the rocks from Solmars Beach for the most intrepid. Known as “lovers beach” due to the mysticism and romance that its rocks give, known as the Land’s End formation.

The area can be very dangerous due to its potential of currents and waves, but you can enjoy it on the small beach of golden sands and adore the landscape surrounded by rocks. You can also do activities like snorkeling. The beach is well known among lovers and comes to enjoy its crystal clear waters and its wonderful scenery is an experience that is truly worthwhile.


Tecolote Beach

Excellent beach for swimming, very crowded by tourists and locals for its incredible view of the island of the Holy Spirit. The gastronomy of the place is presented through its sellers and its local products of the area. It also has a restaurant and bar where you can order all your fresh seafood delicacies from the menu. The beach has the most basic amenities for vacationers. Showers and bathrooms for which you do not need permits during your stay.

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