Featured Guild ~ No Shame Gaming of Hailol shard. Great guild check them out

Featured Guild Dimension

Olaf Bladstrom

Dimension Items

Vendors for dimension items,Drops Fishing and Dungeons.

Goods Dimension

Kielu Krei Guardian

Rift Dream Weaver

Rift recipe vendors, make your own dream weaver items.

Recipes Dimension

Rift Infinity Gate Dimension

Rift Keys

Dimensions Keys, Hailol,Temple of the Abandoned. Showing vendor location

Keys Dimension

Tavern Keg Cart

Object Morphing

Dimension Object Morphing detailed builds, 100s of images. Get some great ideas for your dimension.

Dimension Object Morphing™

Strozza Estate Villa

Key Dimension™

The ultimate dimension sharing. Let your friends and family see your fantastic dimension no matter where they live.

Rift North American Shards

Rift European Shards

Rift Map Droughtlands Fishing

Rift Fishing

Rift fishing maps showing hot spots and drop locations. Lower level maps are completed. More coming soon :)

Fishing Rift


Featured Dimension

Celestee of Deepwood: Nightmare Before Christmas inspired dimension is magnificent.

Featured Personal Dimension