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Location Rift Screenshot Folder

How to take a screenshot in Rift the game.

There are several ways to take a screenshot in the game of Rift. The game is set to save the screenshots you take in a fold within the game folder for rift. We will list below the best way to take a screenshot in game.

Rift Screenshots:

  1. Ctrl U (if you want to remove all control items show on screen)
  2. Ctrl U again (if you want to remove the name above characters)
  3. Zoom Full In (if you do not want to have your self in screenshot)
  4. Alignment (align your self to get the best prospective of what you want a screenshot of)
  5. PrtScn (press the Print Screen button on keyboard. Usually upper right of keyboard)
  6. Verify (when you push the PrtScn button the in game text will let know the screenshot was saved)

You now have a rift screenshot in the screenshot folder ready for use. The size and the quality of the image will depend on your screen resolution. The quality of saved Rift screenshot is not to bad if your screen resolution is at or over 1280 X 720 pix.

Sample File:

  • File Name: default is usually the date take and  time. (2010-06-23_105548.jpg)
  • Item Type: JPG File
  • Dimension: 1920 X 1058 (if your screen resolution is that size)
  • Resolution: 96 DPI
  • Bit Depth: 24
  • File Size: 679 KB (small file)
  • Folder Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Rift Game\Screenshots (if your not running windows 64 bit it would be “Program File” in place of “Program Files (x86)” )

This is a slideshow of screenshot to find folder location.

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