Three Springs Dimension Rift

Three Springs Dimension


Welcome to Three Springs, a coastal village built in the shadow of the once-great Dwarven delve of Hammerknell. Though unnatural clouds churn just off shore, they have yet to make landfall, leaving the evenings ablaze in reds and pinks as the sun slips below the horizon.

The Three Springs Dimension (and accompanying Dimension items) are coming soon to RIFT, and you can be one of the first to earn a key – long before the Dimension’s public release!

On July 9 (12pm PT), the owner of each shard’s top-weekly-rated Dimension will earn early access to Three Springs! The RIFT Community team will contact top-voted owners to arrange for delivery of a Three Springs Dimension key and item pack for a character of their choice.

Remember, Dimension scores count votes from the previous week, so you’ll need votes for your creation from July 3-9 to win. Start building if you haven’t already!
Recipients of these Three Springs Dimension keys may be featured if they turn their new sliver of Telara into something truly amazing.

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